How We Do It

We take a non-traditional approach to research. From start to finish.


Our recruiting is unique and precise, we tend to work in creative or informal settings, and we like to utilize a lot of creative techniques to get the thoughts flowing–like those in the BOO! Projective collage above.


It’s all about finding those surprising nuggets.


The ones that shed new light and spark new thought.

What makes BOO! different: Depth
Six Ways We Go Deep

Colorful, fun, comprehensive.
A buffet of creative options on how to
answer the objectives.


We do it all. We control it. We ferret and search and creatively find the right people.
No lists. No pros. No no-shows.
It’s a 4 stage process. It works.

Online Inventiveness

A curated community of your target.
Private, engaged, encouraged.
Mining material we’d never get in person.
It’s very different.


We take great care and time in getting people as comfortable as we can via thorough engagement prior to sessions and by making research interesting to take part in.


Gorgeous research documentaries
of any length.
12 year partnership with FlowTownFilms.
Crafting insightful, engaging strategic films.


Principals do all the work.
No juniors.

Our Five Key Principles
real | priming | comfort | context | fun

You & BOO!
We’ve done a lot of talking here,
which is odd for people who prefer to listen.
So what about you?
What’s on your mind?
What would your brand team love to uncover?
Let's Talk